My name is Kevin and Iam the founder of Suddy Buddy®, boy do I have a story for you!

It all started about 7 years ago when I had a medical event that caused pain and tingling in my right side. Over time I found the taking a warm bath helped to relieve the discomfort.

Being a father of 5 at the time and one on the way, it became my job to bathe the littles. While bathing the littles I realized I needed to do something that would help them to want to bathe and get clean. My daughter had bought me a bubble bar from a local store so that it would make bath time more fun. Upon using the bubble bar, which was a big disappointment, I realized it didn’t make a lot of bubbles the way they intended. I knew there had to be a better solution than just dropping it into the water.

So one night while bathing the children, it hit me. I remembered a teething apparatus that we used to put frozen grapes and watermelon in for my daughter to suck on and it had a mesh bag with a little finger handle on it. I thought what if I could create something that would hang from the tub and hold the soap that would make the bubbles. Over the course of the next couple years, we have developed the solution “Suddy Buddy’s®.”

Suddy Buddy is new creative way to make even bath time fun. With our amazing team of characters, the children, even big kids, can now enjoy bath time again. At Zompers, we want all things to be fun, even bath time.

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