akota Duck is the leader of the Suddy Buddy’s®. She’s the plan maker and problem solver. Her quest is to rid the world of filth.
She’s always on the search for finding dirt and grime. She wants cleanliness every where she goes.
Dakota brings are her smarts to her plans to keep everything clean. She leads the Suddy Buddy’s® against the Dirt Clods.
Dakota wants you to help her and the Suddy Buddy’s® keep youself clean and fight agaisnt dirt and grime.
e may look happy and gleeful, but don’t be fooled, Sammy Shark can’t stand filth. He's loyal, fun and full of love...until he see’s dirt!
When dirt shows itself, Sammy loses his mind! His eyes go dark and he goes on a clean rampage! The Suddy Buddy™ Crew has Sammy as their “clean-up” man when there is just too much dirtiness to handle.
BUT! Once everything is clean and spotless, Sammy is right back to his lovable self. He always has his smile on...until dirt shows itself again.
alvin Clownfish is the trickster of the Suddy Buddy® bunch. He’s always looking to play pranks on the unsuspecting.
Calvin is Dakota’s right hand man. He plays good clean jokes on the Dirt Clods. Calvin’s tricks and pranks are made to keep everything as clean as it can be.
He’s sneaky and he’s cunning but Calvin is true to his quest to help the Suddy Buddy’s® keep the world clean from dirt and grime.
anny is always up for an adventure. He’s a big ball of energy and whenever a quest presents itself, Manny springs into action.
Manny is the motivator of the Buddy crew. He helps Dakota plan their cleaning adventures to stop dirt and grime from showing its filthy face.
Once the plan is in place, Manny flies into action. He drops Super Bubbles when he glides over so dirt can’t run away.

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