SuddyBuddy Influencer/Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketers and Social Media influencers are compensated based on actual sales generated, through a link tracking system that pays commissions directly to the affiliate/influencer via PayPal.

Program Highlights:

  • Unique links and/or coupons for affiliate promotion (offers)
  • An independent user dashboard for commissions and link tracking
  • Long-term retention & tracking of customers (residual income potential)
  • Subscription Commissions (residual income potential)
  • Early access to VIP drops
  • Commissions are considered earned upon completion of sale in the cart on the Suddy Buddy website, but are subject to recission due to chargebacks and returns of products from customers.
  • Commission payments will be made on a monthly basis
  • Chargebacks of credit cards for products delivered may result in a recission of the commission for that sale. As a result, it may be possible for an affiliate’s account to enter a negative balance.  Future earned commissions will be applied against that negative balance until a positive balance is reached.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. We reserve the right to cancel the affiliate program at any time.
  2. Participation in the affiliate program is voluntary and compensation is based on the published rates, whether a percentage of sales or a flat rate, as detailed in each promotion or “offer”.
  3. Customers are tracked by cookies, and assigned to the last affiliate’s referral link utilized for the purpose of ongoing commissions. Guest users are tracked by email address for ongoing commission purposes.
  4. Affiliates are considered contractors, are responsible for their own tax liabilities, and may be subject to 1099 income reporting.
  5. Affiliates will be required to complete a W9 form for tax purposes upon signing up for an affiliate account. Form must be returned to qualify for commission payouts.
  6. Cancellation/changes in offer:
    1. In the event of a cancellation or re-calculation of the program or commission/incentive rates, commissions earned prior to the date of that decision, as communicated to the affiliates by email using the email address in their account, will be paid as agreed under the program in place at the time of that decision.
    2. Any further sales made and/or commissions earned after that time will be subject to the new terms and conditions as detailed in any subsequent offer.
  7. Affiliate agrees to use SuddyBuddys approved promotional images and products or images consistent with the brand’s existing public content, and may be removed from the program, at the sole discretion of SuddyBuddys LLC personnel, for posting images or promotions that are inconsistent with or detrimental to the SuddyBuddys brand.
  8. Affiliate agrees to market SuddyBuddys products only through the channels detailed in the “offer”.

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