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Sometimes parents need to call in reinforcements to help encourage their kids to do the necessary things that they don’t want to do. Toys are often the best friends a parent can have during daily routine activities, like bathtime.

This is where the Suddy Buddy comes in. The range of toys offers kids a bath time pal so they have a compelling reason to want to take a bath. The characters are each designed to hang from a bath faucet and foam up to create a bubble bath (which is arguably way more fun than a normal bath!).

My kid isn’t yet in the 3+ age range yet for this product, so I did what any overstressed parent who reviews toys would do: I took a lovely bubble bath with a shark named Sammy. Before taking the Suddy Buddy out of the package, you can see the 11 ingredients that the bath bomb inside includes. It also explains how to use the Buddy in a few easy steps. Parents remove the Bubble Enhancer (essentially a basket that hangs from the character) and add in the Bubble Drop (bath bomb pellets), then twist it back on, and hang the Buddy from the bath faucet.

The Bubble Enhancer holds the Bubble Drop in so it gets nice and foamy before cascading into the bath. This results in a nice layer of bubbles on top of the water that kids can play in. For reference, I like to describe my preferred water temperature as “a hot day on Mercury,” but I tested out the bubbles with lukewarm water, and they worked the same. If kids want more foam, the package comes with three of the Bubble Drops, so you can save them for the next bath time or use a couple at once. The cascade of foamy bubbles emits a clean lavender scent for added stress relief.

Kids’ new pals come in a variety of friendly faces. There’s Dakota Duck (the leader of the pack), Sammy Shark, Calvin Clownfish, and Manny Manta-Ray (with even more pals on the way). Each one features a fun backstory about keeping clean. For example, Dakota is the planner and problem-solver of the bunch. She has a mission to rid the world of filth. The toys are each made of sturdy materials and easy to clean of the germs that bathtubs tend to collect.

While you too might be on a mission to clean the world, the bathtub is one place you can’t skimp on toys. Kids — and maybe even some adults — can get squeaky clean with the help of their new buddies.

Written By: NICOLE SAVAS | January 11, 2023



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