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“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”

-Leo F. Buscaglia

There’s a phrase that we’ve all heard before. It likely occurred sometime before the age of 12, when we were with friends or cousins. There were undoubtedly shrieks and cackles of laughter involved, and it was probably on a holiday or other group gathering.

For myself, it seemed to always occur when we were sprinting, full speed, from the upstairs bedrooms to the backyard. Energized by the promise of an ultra-bouncy trampoline, nerf guns, and snowball fights, my cousins and I would full-speed dash through the kitchen on Christmas while our parents labored over the spiral honey ham. We’d be rushing to the door, skidding across the hardwood floor, when one of our parents or grandparents would yell, “Quit playin’ around! You’ll break something!”

We’d pause and slow down, but only for a moment before we returned to our pursuit of playtime.

These moments of play are integral to the proper development of children and are what transform us into efficient and well-rounded adults. And while I’m sure my grandmother wasn’t telling us not to play, but perhaps she was alluding to not playing in the kitchen on Christmas.

Kevin Keep, owner of Zompers LLC in Eagle, understands the power of play and strives to bring its benefits to the people of the Treasure Valley and beyond.

“What lead me to the toy industry was the desire to create affordable products that are of great quality at affordable prices,” Kevin said. “With so many single parents in the world of today, we see the struggle not only to provide for their children but also the ability to get them cool gifts that can last and be enjoyed by the children as well as the Big Kid in all of us.”

Kevin and his team at Zompers create products in a variety of ways, including the Suddy Buddy bath toy which they developed from scratch. “It is more than just a toy to make bubbles, it will be a complete line of products for in the bath and out of the bath. It will have its own comic strip as well as short cartoons that will launch late 2022, early 2023.  We also offer many other items that both our domestic and international teams work on creating and modifying to meet our client needs.”

Other available toys include Zomballz (the “softest, squishiest ball there is!”), Z Blasterz, Z Wheels, and Splatter Blasterz, among a myriad of other fun and bright toys for kids of all ages.

Kevin attributes much of their success to his team of employees, who have years of experience in the industry and are able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of their growing business and customer-base.

“The future for Zompers is exciting!” Kevin shared. “With Suddy Buddy getting into full swing by next spring we are excited to see what is going to happen. We have HUGE plans for Suddy Buddy as well as our other brands like Balance Bike, Pure Hypr Audio and Zompers Toys.  Our goal is to not only be in over 20k+ stores by the end of next year, but also have a successful online store.”

Zompers products can be found in a variety of different stores across the nation, including Albertsons, Kings, Safeway, and United Supermarkets.

To learn more about Kevin and his team, Suddy Buddy and all the other Zompers toys, visit them online at Zompers.com or reach out at info@zompers.com or 208-286-9446.

By Chelsea Chambers



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